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Kenneth Kelch

Director, Int. Lang. Ed. and CTEL
ken kelch

Dr. Ken Kelch is professor and system-wide director of TESOL at Alliant International University. He received his Doctorate in TESOL from Alliant and his master's degree from the University of Hawaii. He has worked at Alliant for 25 years. He began as an instructor in the university ESL program, and later became its director. He has been a professor in the TESOL program for over 10 years, and became the program director in 2014.

Dr. Kelch has published articles and given presentations on many areas of language teaching and learning. He is the recent co-editor of a textbook on computer assisted language learning. His areas of specialization are curriculum development, research methods, and qualitative research. He takes special pride in supervising his students, in particular guiding his doctoral candidates through the dissertation process. He is fond of traveling and teaching in Asia, which he has done in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan.

Professional Interests

TESOL teacher education, curriculum development, research design and qualitative research.

Education and Certifications
  • M.A., English as a Second Language (Cum Laude), University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • B.A., English (Cum Laude), Cal Poly, Pomona
  • EdD, Alliant International University, Dissertation Title: "Articulating Teacher Belief Systems in an Intensive English Program. A Case Study"
Scholarship and Contributions to the Field

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