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Dr.Allison Brownlee

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and earned my doctorate in couples and family therapy in 2015 from Alliant International University. I have been teaching at Alliant since 2017 and enjoy being part of the clinical development process for beginning therapists!  I am currently the clinical director at Stronger Together Community Services (STCS), I oversee all of the therapy programs and supervise a team of therapists. STCS is currently a practicum site for the San Diego on ground CFT program at Alliant as well as the online programs in California. I specialize in working with those in relationships, including couples and families. With regard to my clinical focus, I practice from evidence based models: EFT, AEDP, and EMDR, all of which are trauma informed and attachment focused. Essentially what this means for my clients is that we work collaboratively to determine treatment goals, I use interventions that address the underlying feelings and trauma that may be contributing to current distress, we find adaptive ways to express emotions and find relief in experiencing one’s full self and then build security in the bonds with important others around them.