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Video Testimonials: Chris Lobus

Chris Lobus
Alliant International University
Published 12/20/2022
3 minutes read
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Chris Lobus, DBA

From years of discipline in earning his black belt in martial arts, and throughout his military service in the US Navy, Dr. Chris Lobus, Dr. Christopher Lobus, DBA, PMP, and CSM, has never shied away from a challenge. Little did he know that earning his doctorate in business administration would present greater challenges than anything in his past. 

What drove Lobus to be the best at whatever he does? In the case of earning his advanced education, it was exposure to a joint analysis group of PhDs in the Navy. While Lobus realized that the Navy wasn’t going to be his long-term career, he was impressed by the level of success and satisfaction he could potentially reach with a terminal degree. After a period of working in defense contracting, Lobus was ready to make a shift and decided that marketing would be his path.

Lobus had a connection with Alliant International University through his wife who was employed there, so it was only natural that he should check out the school for his doctorate of business administration (DBA) degree. He was immediately impressed with the international makeup of both the faculty and student body of the program. He decided to join the program, focus his education on marketing, and is glad he did. 

“I appreciated the diversity, that I was a minority in my cohort throughout in the program,” said Lobus. “The variety of personalities and experiences I was exposed to throughout the program broadened my view, giving me a more global perspective.” Lobus was impressed that from the beginning and throughout the program there was support for his dissertation, on the Effects of Online Advertising on Consumer Aggression. From hands-on writing assistance, to monthly gatherings with faculty and fellow students to share ideas, he had lots of opportunity to prepare. Once he got started, the challenges began. His program chair challenged him on methodology throughout the program, and even the dean challenged his findings at one point. Lobus said, “Because of those challenges, I now have the confidence to explain my methodology on my current projects to a room full of statisticians with confidence.” He was also impressed with the faculty’s diverse experience and felt that their publications in the field were outstanding. 

Lobus worked full-time as he also went to school at the same time, which in retrospect he does not recommend. His military service helped pay for his program through the GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon program, and he was happy to find that some of his graduate courses counted towards his DBA, but it was challenging nevertheless. “Everyone recognizes the hard work it took for me to achieve this degree,” said Lobus. “My DBA degree gives a level of respect, credibility, and eminence with peers and employers and has benefitted me greatly both personally and in my organization.” Today Lobus works as a specialist leader at Deloitte Consulting. 

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