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Amer Ahmadi, PhD Leadership

Following in his father’s footsteps, and after earning his master's in business management, Amer Amahdi began his career by teaching at the Aljabal Algharbi University in Libya. In 2020, Abahdi established the Modern Libya Movement (MLM) in California, a nonprofit that supports security, peace, equity, and democracy in Libya through education and communications.

Amahdi is committed to using his skills, experience, and intelligence in solving the many crises facing modern day Libya. This passion is what drove him to pursue his PhD in management and leadership at Alliant International University. Having originally set his sights on Harvard, after arriving in the US in 2014, Amahdi realized what he needed more than a big-name school was mentoring, hands-on experience, and flexibility. At Alliant, he got all these and much more. 

Although Amahdi notes he was more interested in change management than leadership when he started his PhD program, he feels he’s expanded his knowledge in both of in the program. “I learned from my professors and classmates that change begins with a single person,” said Amahdi, “and the same principles used to solve perplexing business problems can be applied to government problems and even social issues.” He learned about the different models for how change happens, and now understands that real change doesn’t take place overnight, but needs careful planning and time.

Amahdi found the PhD program application process welcoming and helpful. He is especially grateful for the friendship and mentoring of his program director, Dr. Cory Scott, as well as the other faculty in the program who have been helpful along the way. Since he started the program around the time COVID-19 became a pandemic, Amahdi was initially disappointed that his classes were mostly held remotely, but since then, he and his professors, peers, and even the department dean have found ways to get together for valuable face time. 

Overall, Amahdi is very happy with his experience in the program so far. “The PhD program is a great place to learn advanced business principles in a flexible environment with professors that share their stories and real-life experiences.” Amahdi was especially pleased to be part of the Consult X Initiative, a hands-on experience where business leaders present a real-life business challenge to the students and professors, and together they brainstorm solutions. 

What does the future hold Amer Amahdi? After he graduates and gets some experience under his belt, he plans to return to Libya where he can pursue his goal of leading through communication and education, doing his part in encouraging greater security, peace, equity, equality, and democracy in his home country.

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