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If helping others and overcoming challenges appeal to you, then earning your Master's in clinical counseling may be a smart move. Here are five compelling reasons to further your counselor education in this growing field.

1. More Opportunities to Make a Difference

The higher level of expertise you have in professional counseling, the more career opportunities you may have to work directly with people in need and leave a lasting impact in their lives. Effective clinical counselors have the ability to break down walls regardless of race, gender, or age. You can work in a hospital or community-based organization, or even establish your own private practice with the proper credentials2. You can help people from all walks of life navigate and overcome trials such as the loss of a loved one, workplace stress, relationship issues, depression, trauma, and more 1. Many states now require a Master's degree to work in the psychology and counseling fields 2, so earning one is crucial in getting your foot in the door.

But what can you do with a masters in clinical counseling? You can focus on a specialized field whether as a rehabilitation counselor, a school counselor, or a family therapist among many field concentrations. As a professional counselor with a higher education, here are a few other career opportunities you can possibly pursue:

  • Clinical mental health counselor - Evaluate mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders and concerns in both individuals and groups, and formulate effective treatment strategies.
  • Substance abuse counselor - Facilitate group counseling sessions and assist patients in effectively managing their mental health conditions without resorting to the use of illegal substances.
  • Counseling administrator - Mentor and provide a supportive environment to prevent staff burnout, take lead in training initiatives and identify career advancement opportunities.
  • Health education specialist - Evaluate the needs of the community, address resource deficiencies, promote health and wellness among the people, and provide mental health counseling when needed.
  • Researcher - Conduct tests and evaluations on programming and evidence-based practices to determine which ones yield more favorable outcomes. 

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2. Job Security

With a Master's degree in clinical mental health counseling, you'll be sought after by more reputable organizations and have better employment prospects than you would with only a Bachelor's degree.

3. Higher Salary Potential

With more job prospects comes the potential for greater pay. With a Master's in clinical counseling, you could potentially earn twice as much as someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in a traditional workplace setting3. This is often attributed to the valuable clinical experience gained during the MA counseling degree program.

4. Job Flexibility

Flexible hours and the ability to set your own rates are just a few of many perks available to professional mental health counselors. With a Master's and the proper licenses, you can set up your own private practice as a clinical counselor, or you could branch out and provide consulting services to individuals and businesses2.

5. Job Fulfillment

Satisfaction and fulfillment in your counseling profession are paramount to your overall personal success and well-being. You will have more opportunities to learn, grow, and help people overcome various psychological obstacles as their mental health counselor. In doing so, you can be proud of making a real difference and developing yourself along the way.

Equal parts challenging and rewarding, the field of clinical counseling is rife with positive, life-changing experiences. The more hard work and dedication you put in, the more fulfillment you can expect. Completing a Master’s in clinical counseling program can unlock the door to a career of meaning and true impact.

Take that first step toward a rewarding future. Call 1-866-825-5426 or click here for more information to learn more about Alliant’s Master's in Clinical Counseling program.


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