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California School of Education (CSOE) Professor Dr. Stephen Cochrane speaks to Romper about the educational experience for first time students. 

"We can definitely expect an increased number of students who will be homeschooled next year. Many parents will naturally protect the health and welfare of their children if they believe a possible threat is present," Dr. Stephen Cochrane, associate professor for the California School of Education at Alliant International University, tells Romper. "I believe we will see a surge of enrollment in online Charter Schools that cater to homeschool children. Moreover, many parents of entering kindergarteners whose children have not reached the age of 6 will likely defer enrolling their children."

Cochrane notes that parents who choose to delay enrollment should not see adverse developmental impacts, as many countries do not have students start formal education until age 7 and "and most of these countries have a higher literacy rate than those who start schooling earlier," he says.

Read the Full article here

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