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How CSML Helps Students Prepare for Success

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Published on: 05/10/2023
Last Updated: 05/15/2023
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CSML students can benefit from these diverse professional resources.

As a student at the California School of Management and Leadership (CSML), you will have access to our Career and Professional Development (CPD) plan and infrastructure. CPD offers a distinctive, comprehensive, and individualized approach that sets CSML apart from other schools. Through several components, the CPD plan and infrastructure aim to help you identify your interests, build a network of professionals, and gain real-world experience that can help prepare you for success.

CPD Student Resources SharePoint Site

This site is exclusively available to enrolled CSML students and serves as a central hub for various resources, practical training opportunities, and other benefits to help you apply the skills you’ve learned toward your career. The CPD Student Resources SharePoint Site includes the following:

  1. Practical Training Positions or Projects by Program: Gain access to your Personalized Job Fair and develop or polish your resumé and cover letter. You can also access job listings and other resources related to your program.
  2. Access and Instruction: We provide a compilation of several step-by-step instructions to simplify your journey toward discovering how CPD can help prepare you for your career.
  3. Access to ConsultEX Projects: ConsultEX provides students like you the opportunity to participate in real-world consulting projects and gain vital experience to build your resumé and professional network.
  4. Research, Conferences, & Scholarship: You can get the latest news about upcoming scholarship opportunities and find fellow researchers to collaborate with and present your combined work at industry conferences.

Personalized Job Fair 

The Personalized Job Fair is a tailor-made project designed to help you identify your interests and the practical training positions that are available for you. You will learn how to overcome your individual roadblocks and develop a robust network of professionals who have your best interests in mind. You will also learn how to position yourself with organizations that align with the concepts you are learning and who may engage you in professional projects or hire you for available positions. The Personalized Job Fair consists of four phases:

  1. Discovery & Research: In this phase, you will use the latest tools and assessments to identify your interests and how they can transfer to the job field, helping you become highly focused on the best direction for your professional goals.
  2. Market Endorsement: Find organizations that are hiring people with your interests and talents. We will also help identify the personal and professional limitations that are in your way of finding opportunities and reframe them into strengths. 
  3. Relationship/Networking: Learn the necessary tools to create a targeted networking approach that can engage supportive professionals in your field. This phase can also help you understand the specifics of your target companies and who the decision-makers are.
  4. Acquisition and Interviews: This final phase combines everything you have learned to help you obtain your desired position through your professional network and referrals. You will know how to research companies, overcome hurdles, leverage contacts, and communicate directly with decision-makers.


The ConsultEx program offers you real-world experience and a platform to network with professionals. Through practical training opportunities and consulting projects for real organizations, you can implement the skills you have already gained and discover additional skills that can help set you apart from the competition. The ConsultEx program has several branches in collaboration with partner organizations.

CSML ConsultEX BD – Business Development Consulting Projects

ConsultEX BD focuses on helping organizations meet their goals, whether they be developmental, tactical, interpersonal, or structural. Through various services and assessments, our students offer to consult on marketing, competitor analysis, customer and partner relationships, and many other projects designed to improve businesses.


CSML ConsultEX PD – Professional Development Consulting Projects

This branch focuses on real-time professional development opportunities and creates value-added solutions for managers and leaders who want to improve their skills, including executive coaching, personal assessments, etc. 


CSML ConsultEX IT – Information Technology Consulting Projects

The Information Technology branch focuses on improving partner organizations with projects in data analytics, data modeling, data management, strategic IT planning, network, and systems security monitoring, distributed networks optimization, IT project management, and Cloud computing virtual centralization.


CSML ConsultEX EDU – Preparing Doctoral Candidates for Careers in Higher Education 

Students will complete a sequence of several practical training projects to prepare them for teaching careers in higher education. ConsultEX EDU gives doctoral students the confidence they need in job talks or interviews and the ability to back it up with real-life examples from their experiences in course development, guest lecturing, mapping learning outcomes, and receiving student and faculty evaluations. Upon completion of EDU, participants will develop a strong CV, cover letter, teaching philosophy letter, and teaching effectiveness letter.  


CSML ConsultEX DEI – Serving Minority-owned Businesses

In collaboration with a partner minority-owned business, the DEI branch focuses on helping underserved businesses and organizations meet their goals. The DEI branch combines business and professional development branches to empower minority-owned businesses. 


CSML ConsultEX INT – Serving International Businesses and Nonprofits with Humanitarian Causes, Diplomatic Policy, and Leadership Development

This branch collaborates with nonprofit partner organizations that allow students to engage in real-world issues facing many of our international students and their homelands. Students will propose solutions, engage with governmental organizations, lobby for change, and make an impact in the global arena. 


At CSML, our commitment to your professional advancement is reflected in the support we provide to all our students. We are dedicated to helping you gain practical experience that translates directly to your resumé. Our CPD plan and infrastructure are tailored to provide you with a personalized approach to career preparation, helping you achieve your goals and become the best possible future version of yourself. We invite you to join us at CSML to take advantage of everything we have to offer you.

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