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As Star Wars fever sweeps the nation, the nerd and mass populations alike have a newly awakened fascination with the technologically evolved world seen on the big screen.

While the technology of light sabers and death stars seems eons away, today’s innovators continue to bring us closer to a technologically enlightened future. Alliant, San Diego alumnus Andres Ramos Cevallos has a unique role in these advances.

A die-hard fan of the franchise will recognize Ramos’ name from his credit in the new Star Wars Battlefront game, created by EA Games.

As a business analyst for EA, and leader in the field of information technology and business administration, Ramos has created a unique brand of digital advances that optimizes both the creative and industrial aspects of entertainment technology.

With the advent of online streaming and immediate access to video, the populous has developed a voracious appetite for entertainment that far surpasses the imagination of generations past.

Many believe that the demand for digital entertainment will propel technological advances more than any other industry.

While at PlayStation, where Ramos began working his senior year at Alliant, he patented a revolutionary application that tracks retinal activity in order to optimize the areas of a screen that the eye focuses on most. This could elevate the user experience while streamlining allocation of resources, making the entire process of video game production far more efficient as well as gratifying. These advances benefit both the businesses supplying the entertainment as well as the consumers; and could one day benefit society as a whole.

It’s clear that advances in digital technology can greatly improve our everyday lives; but they can also be very costly. It is with a unique blend of modernization and business acumen that Ramos brings a vital balance to the mechanics of entertainment; likely sending ripples of innovative applications through time.

Technologies like Ramos’ that are now used mostly for video games and leisure may one day work to further medical, security, or maybe even space exploration technologies.

Modern society’s exponential desires for entertainment, and the technologies developed to appease them, will likely play a vital role in the advances of the 21st century.

Andres Ramos Cevallos graduated from Alliant International University, San Diego, with a degree in business administration with a concentration in information technology. 

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