CLAD Certificate Program One of First to Receive State Approval for New CTEL Program


San Diego, CA: The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s Committee (CTCC) on Accreditation has approved the California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) program offered by the California School of Education at Alliant International University. Alliant is one of the first six universities to have this California Teacher Certification approved.

“We are very pleased that our program is one of the first in the state to meet the rigorous standards set by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for all universities seeking to offer this program,” said Dr. Mary Ellen Butler Pascoe, GSOE Professor and Systemwide Director of TESOL and Language Education.

“This is an extraordinary accomplishment. I know how difficult the new state criteria are to meet, and I commend Mary Ellen and the TESOL faculty on the design and content rigor of our curriculum,” said Dr. Karen Schuster Webb, California School of Education Founding Systemwide Dean.

According to the CTCC, 25 percent of all children enrolled in California public schools are designated as English learners, children attending school in the United States who come from homes where a language other than English is spoken.

“Our CTEL program addresses the growing need for qualified teachers in diverse classrooms by providing teachers the latest strategies and techniques for teaching English learners,” said Dr. Butler-Pascoe. “The TESOL/CTEL faculty collaborated to design a program that would assure that candidates graduating from the GSOE-CTEL program would have the knowledge and skills needed to be leaders in reshaping instructional practices for English learners in California schools.”

To learn more about Alliant’s CTEL/CLAD certificate program or CTEL exam preparation tips, contact us.


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