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California School of Management & Leadership Professor Dr. Saba Ozyurt Publishes an Article on Negotiating Bicultural Identities in the Journal of Political Psychology

Alliant International University
Published on: 12/19/2012
Last Updated: 05/08/2023
2 minute read

SAN DIEGO -- Dec. 19, 2012 -- The International Society of Political Psychology published an article by California School of Management & Leadership Professor Dr. Saba Ozyurt, “Negotiating Multiple Identities, Constructing Western-Muslim Selves in the Netherlands and the United States” in the Journal of Political Psychology. The article evaluates the psychological processes, discursive practices and socio-political mechanisms underlying the identity reconstruction of Muslim immigrant women in the United States and the Netherlands. Specifically, it focuses on the ways in which Muslim immigrant women who are embedded in both Islamic and Western cultures negotiate their traditional and modern identities and self-representations and construct a coherent self-narrative about their bicultural existence as “Western-Muslim.” Dr. Ozyurt is a professor of international relations, as well as program director for undergraduate business programs at California School of Management & Leadership. View the full article.

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