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On January 31, 2015, Alliant and the TESOL department sponsored the 24th Annual California Subject Matter Project English Learner Institute. Alliant has been sponsoring the event since its inception and a large number of our TESOL students attend each year. TESOL Program Director Dr. Mary Ellen Butler-Pascoe has been an instrumental part of this process. She supervises international and domestic initiatives by the TESOL faculty, including this institute, partners with other institutions to make the TESOL program accessible globally, and promotes students to take leadership roles in their various communities.

The topic of this year's event was “From Awareness to Transformation: English Learners in the Age of Common Core, K-12.” This institute is designed for educators working with english learner students, instructional leaders, general and ELD teachers, as well as support staff (K-University).  The goals this year were to understand, apply and align the Common Core state standards to transform teaching and learning to accelerate achievement for K-12 english learners. 2015's inspirational keynote speaker was nationally recognized Lupita Cortez Alcala.

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