Starting Law School Studies Over

A Fresh Start

Did you finish your first year of law school with a disappointing end?  If so, the California State Bar’s “Starting First-Year Law Studies Over Policy” may allow otherwise-qualified students who have been academically dismissed during or after their first year of legal studies at an ABA-approved, California-accredited or California-unaccredited law school to  restart their law-school careers without regard to their prior, unsuccessful experience in law school.

Accordingly, students who submit to the California State Bar the completed and signed form titled “Starting First-Year Law Studies Over Certification” – and who, in the judgment of San Francisco Law School’s Admissions Committee, possess the capability to satisfactorily study law — may be permitted to start their legal studies anew. This program also resets the California State Bar’s so-called seven-year rule — such that those students who have taken time off and are unable to finish their legal studies within the ordinarily prescribed period of seven years from their first day of classes may be able to extend that time frame.

To participate in this program, download this form from the California State Bar’s Forms website and contact San Francisco Law School’s Admissions Department to coordinate your plan.