Degree Posting & Diplomas FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my degree post?

    Degrees will post after all coursework and non-coursework requirements are complete and all grades have been recorded. Students will receive email confirmation from the registrar’s office when their degree posts. Generally degrees are posted within 1-4 weeks after the term has ended assuming the students’ degree requirements have been met.

  • When will I receive my diploma?

    Diplomas are ordered when a student’s degree posts and take about 4-6 weeks. The diploma will be mailed to the address listed on the students’ degree application unless the student indicated they would like to pick it up. If it is requested that a diploma be picked up the student will receive an email or phone call when the diploma is available.

  • My degree is posted, how do I order transcripts?

    Students’ can go to to order and pay for their transcripts online.

  • Will I receive my diploma at the graduation ceremony?

    A diploma cover is handed out at the commencement ceremony that students can keep to store their diploma in if they would like. The actual diploma will be mailed to the student or available to pick up after all of their degree requirements are met.

  • I haven’t been notified of my degree posting and I am missing grades, what do I do?

    If a student is missing grades they should touch base with the professor that taught the course and ask them to submit grades for the course.

  • Where can I see my degree posting on the portal?

    Log onto myAlliant. Click on myAlliant Profile in the upper right hand corner next to your name.  Click on biographical info. Any degrees completed will be listed along with the GPA and the date of completion.


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