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PhD in Organizational Psychology Curriculum


Curriculum Plan (2022 – 2023)

Please note that there may be other requirements for completion or options for elective and specialized courses. Please see the academic catalog for the full curriculum. Course offerings and sequence are subject to change.

  • Social and Organizational Psychology
  • Business Strategy and Operations
  • Advanced Statistics 2
  • Motivation, Innovation and Change
  • Research Methods
  • Diagnostic Methods for Organizational Consulting
  • Leadership Development and Assessment
  • Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion
  • People Analytics
  • Consulting Skills
  • Psychometrics and Comps Exam Part I
  • Change Management
  • Talent Recruitment, Assessment, and Selection
  • Organizational Design and Process Improvement
  • Dissertation 1 and Comps Exam Part 2
  • Dissertation 2
  • Professional Practice: Strategy, Skills and Comps Exam Part 3
  • Dissertation 3
  • Dissertation 4
  • Dissertation 5
  • Dissertation 6
  • Applied Project 1
  • Dissertation 7
  • Applied Project 2
  • Dissertation 8

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  • Individual and Executive Coaching
  • Human Resource Management
  • Training and Development
  • Strategic Management

Instruction may be provided on-ground, online or in hybrid modalities, and varies by program. For on-ground and hybrid programs, instruction is primarily provided at an Alliant campus; however, some instructional activities may take place off campus at a location appropriate for the particular activity, including, but not limited to, online courses or online portion of courses, internships, practicums, or field placement activities.

For online programs, instruction is provided online; however, some programs may include an in-person residency requirement at one of Alliant’s campuses. Additional instructional activities, including, but not limited to internships, practicums, or field placement activities may take place at a location appropriate for the particular activity.


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At Alliant, our mission is to prepare students for professional careers of service and leadership and to promote the discovery and application of knowledge to improve lives. We offer an education that is accredited, focused on practical knowledge and skills, connected with diverse faculty and alumni, and aimed at the student experience.

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