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Blanket recruitment of participants via University email is prohibited. To recruit participants for your study, please follow the research posting instructions.

Research Requests Policy 2012



If you would like to participate in any of the following research studies, please be sure to review the eligibility criteria for each study prior to contacting the researcher.


Available Research Studies

Research Categories:


Training and Education at Alliant: Professional Issues

Project Title: Threat assessment knowledge and training needs for therapists

Researcher(s) Name(s): Adare Toral

Study Summary: This study seeks to survey mental health providers in California who provider therapy to minors regarding their ability to identify warning behaviors for targeted violence.  


Contact Information:  Adare Toral,, 7146796194

Project Title: Critical Thinking, Resilience, and Microaggressions: Protecting Against Burnout in Diverse Doctoral Psychology Students

Researcher(s) Name(s): Dr. Emil Rodolfa (Principal Investigator); Leslie Hugg, Mari ES Guerrero, Lacy Sohn, James Fitzgerald, Deanna Young, Anh Pham, Ashley Peluso, Aamina Shabeer

Study Summary: This research seeks to explore factors that influence the effects of microaggressions on doctoral psychology students / interns. Participants must be students enrolled in a doctoral clinical and/or counseling psychology program who are currently completing an APA accredited internship. If you are interested in this issue, we hope you will forward this announcement to other psychology doctoral interns who may be willing to participate in our study. 

Contact Information: Deanna Young ( If you are a clinical/counseling psychology doctoral student currently attending an APA accredited internship and would like to participate in this study, please follow this link to complete the anonymous survey:



Project Title:  Transgender Trauma and Growth Study

Researcher(s) Name(s): Jennifer Staples, PhD (Principal Investigator); Sabah Awar, Emily Beggiato, Hannah Miles

Study Summary:  Brief summary (maximum 100 words), and specific details about the demographic group(s) requested to participate.

We are seeking transgender and gender expansive individuals (anyone whose gender identity is different from their gender assigned at birth, including but not limited to people who identify as transgender women, transgender men, nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, two-spirit and gender nonconforming) age 18 or older, fluent in English, who live in the United States to participate in a two-part online survey on oppression-based traumatic stress and growth. Interested participants will complete two, 45-to-60-minute surveys, 6 months apart, and will be entered into a raffle with a chance of winning a $250 Amazon gift card for completion of each survey.

Contact Information:  If interested in participating, how and who should be contacted. Include any links to surveys in this section.

To learn more or to participate, follow this link to our study website.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Project Title: Predictors of Parental Support for Transgender Youth

Researcher(s) Name(s): Tucker Chopp (Principal Investigator), Andrew Bertagnolli, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, PsyD in Clinical Psychology Program, Dissertation Faculty member)

Study Summary: This study aims to show what factors are associated with how much young transgender people feel socially supported and affirmed in their gender by their parents. Participants will include transgender residents of the US ages 18-24 who are fluent in English and have a primary caregiver from childhood who is still living and is currently aware of their transgender identity. Participants will be asked to take a 20-30-minute anonymous online survey asking them to reflect on aspects of their upbringing, current family relationships, and sociocultural identities.

Please use this link to access the survey: 

Contact Information: Additionally, here is my email address: Here is my advisor's email address: Please contact either of us for further questions about this research.


Family and Couple Relationship Studies

Project Title: Life After a Sibling Suicide: The Relationship Between Sibling Survivors of Suicide, Posttraumatic Growth, and Coping

Researcher(s) Name(s): Jessica L. N. Willis, MA (PI) and Tara Shuman, PsyD (Chair)

Study Summary: The aims of this research are to (1) increase the body of literature on sibling survivors of suicide, (2) to explore how a sibling survivor of suicide copes with the death of their sibling, and (3) to understand how the coping mechanisms utilized by sibling survivor of suicide contributes to their experience of posttraumatic growth. The procedures that will be used include an anonymous online survey of a sample of adult American sibling survivors of suicide who self-report English fluency and who have access to the Internet. Participants will complete a screener of inclusion criteria, a demographics measure, a coping measure, and a posttraumatic growth measure. There is no intervention. The length of the study takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Contact Information:

Survey link


Clinical Samples

Project Title: Resiliency, Historical Loss Thinking, and Historical Loss Associated Symptoms Amongst Indigenous Peoples with Residential School Ancestry

Researcher(s) Name(s): Carling Tanno, Clinical Psychology Student, Alliant International University- California School of Professional Psychology.

Study Summary: This study aims to explore historical loss thinking and symptoms and whether resiliency moderates the symptoms associated with historical loss thinking in Indigenous populations. Participants can be anyone who identifies as Indigenous, lives with the United States or Canada, and is over the age of 18.

Contact Information:  Are you an individual over the age of 18, living within the United States of America or Canada, and identify as Indigenous? If so, please consider participating in a research study on the resiliency and historical loss. Participants in this study will: 1) Complete an online survey for 10-15 minutes. 2) Be asked questions about your demographics (age, gender, occupation). 3) Be asked questions related to resiliency, historical loss, and psychological well-being. To participate in this study, please click on the link.

Email with any questions.  Thank you for your time and participation.


Crime and Justice System

Project Title: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs of Correctional Workers about the LGBTQ+ Community

Researcher(s) Name(s): Joseph Ritkes (PhD student)

Study Summary: This study will investigate the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and training needs of correctional professionals as they relate to the LGBTQ+ incarcerated population in California. All correctional professionals (i.e., correctional officers, mental health providers, nurses, physicians, etc.) are encouraged to take the brief (no longer than 15 minute) survey which is electronic and completely anonymous. Correctional professionals who work full-time, part-time, or retired are eligible.

Contact Information: If interested in participating, please contact Joseph Ritkes at Or to participate now, please click HERE.



No Studies Available Currently


Personality, Stress, Coping, Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

Project Title: Clinical/Counseling Psychology Student Stress Study

Researcher(s) Name(s): Dr. Quyen Tiet

Study Summary: Graduate school is stressful  and we’re undertaking a study that may help graduate students and young clinical and counseling psychologists to deal with stress more efficiently. The goal of our study is to learn more about the stress and resilience of currently enrolled clinical and counseling psychology doctoral students, and how they cope with their stress. 

Contact Information: Quyen Tiet:, Jordan Brooks:, Barry Brownstein:, Lee Tran:, Tyla Mixon:

Survey link

Project Title: You Be the Judge

Researcher(s) Name(s): Dr. Benjamin Marx and Luzmarina Garcia

Study Summary:  Participate in a study about legal decision-making for a chance to win one of several $100 gift cards! In this study you will rule on hypothetical court cases. Just click here, and you will be the judge! Your participation is anonymous and will be part of dissertation research. You must be a law student to participate in this study. If you complete the survey, you will be entered in a raffle to win one of several $100 gift cards.

Survey link

Contact Information: Contact the researchers Benjamin Marx and Luzmarina Garcia at and if you have any questions about this study or your part in it, or if you have concerns or complaints about the research.

Project Title: The Psychological Constructs of International Graduate Students Transitioning to a University in College in America: A Thematic Analysis

Researcher(s) Name(s): Umadevi Ramesh

Study Summary:  The qualitative study will employ a thematic analysis framework to explore international graduate students’ experience with arriving in the U.S., adjusting to university life and general adjustment to a new environment and the support along the way. The goal of this study is to inform university administration, faculty, and staff about the lived experiences of graduate-level international students and identify strategies for their successful transition to the United States and university life. Participants will need to be currently enrolled in a graduate education program in the United States, have completed a minimum of 6 months in the program, hold an F-1 visa, and this be their first time enrolling in an American university.

Contact Information: If interested in participating, please contact me via phone ‪(408) 418-6635) or email (


Other Topics

Project Title: Food and mood: Mental health provider attitudes toward treating mood disorders with dietary behavior change interventions

Researcher(s) Name(s): Momachi Kapoor-Pabrai

Study Summary: This study examines mental health provider attitudes toward treating mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder with dietary behavior change interventions. A dietary behavior change intervention refers to an intervention that uses behavior change techniques to improve a client’s eating choices (e.g., goal setting, habit formation, environmental modification, etc). Mental health providers such as clinical psychologists, mental health therapists, and respective trainees are eligible to participate. All participation is voluntary and anonymous.

Contact Information: To learn more about the study and participate, please click the link here: