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Instructions for Posting Research Solicitations

To have your research added to this page, please send an email to the Institutional Review Board at

Your request MUST include and should be organized as follows:

  1. Project Title:
  2. Researcher(s) Name(s):
  3. Study Summary:  Brief summary (maximum 100 words), and specific details about the demographic group(s) requested to participate.
  4. Contact Information:  If interested in participating, how and who should be contacted. Include any links to surveys in this section.
  5. Indicate in which category your study should be listed:  If more than one applies, choose the category you feel will most likely be viewed by potential participants. Please choose only one category.
    • Training and Education at Alliant: Professional Issues
    • LGBT
    • Family and Couple Relationship Studies
    • Clinical Samples
    • Crime and the Justice System
    • Workplace
    • Personality, Stress, Coping, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving
    • Other Topics

Documentation of IRB approval: A copy of the official IRB approval letter must be attached to your request.

Your solicitation will remain on the website for 4 months. You may request a 4 month extension if you have not filled your sample. If your research sample is filled before the expiration of your online solicitation, notify the IRB via email at

Before submitting your request, please review the policy for research participants listed below.

Research Requests Policy 2012


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