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Michael McHenry

Michael McHenry

Dr. Michael McHenry is currently assigned to the adjunct faculty cadre at Alliant International University's virtual campus within the California School of Forensic Sciences. He still teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at a variety of higher education institutions throughout the U.S. Dr. McHenry is currently reshaping the criminal justice curriculum at a local community college system, focusing on next-generation engagement practices through the use of in-person and technological strategies.

Dr. McHenry considers himself a generalist within the criminal justice system, beginning his career as a police dispatcher and then advancing into other careers within state police, patrol, field training officer, professional law enforcement instructor, private security, corrections, probation and parole, executive protection, and criminal investigator. Dr. McHenry has spent the last few years of his law enforcement career with child protective services, specializing in crimes against children and combatting human trafficking.  Dr. McHenry is a certified child forensic interviewer and remains one of the most dedicated and driven criminal investigators in the field of child welfare.

Professional Interests

Dr. McHenry's professional research interests include child forensic interviewing, human trafficking, crimes against children, police misconduct, and professional training. He is fascinated about ongoing case studies related to general criminal behavior and decision making, criminal justice communication strategies, mass shootings and targeted violence, and law enforcement responses to high-risk situations. Dr. McHenry volunteers a lot of his time as a reviewer for peer-reviewed journals and newly published research, as well as a guest speaker for professional organizations.

Education and Certifications
  • Ph.D. Education
  • M.S. Forensic Psychology
  • M.A. Security Management
  • M.A. Intelligence Studies
  • Dissertation Chair
  • Targeted Violence and Threat Assessment
  • Mass, Serial, and Pattern Criminals
  • Sex Crimes and Offenders
  • Juvenile Crime and Violence
  • Victimology
Scholarship and Contributions to the Field