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Lissa Parker

Masters Programs Administrative Director
Alliant Faculty Member

Dr. Parker teaches in and serves as the Administrative Director of the Master of Science in Applied Criminology program. She has been teaching courses focusing on psychology, law and criminality in higher education since 2008 and has taught at Alliant, at both the doctoral and masters level, since 2009. Dr. Parker earned her PhD in Forensic Psychology from Alliant after earning her dual bachelor's degree--Psychology and Criminal Justice--from California State University, Stanislaus.

Dr. Parker's primary areas of teaching, research and course development include the psychology of violent behavior, targeted violence and threat assessment, investigative psychology, forensic behavioral science, trial consulting, and media influence on deviant behavior.

Dr. Parker also has training in clinical psychology and has served as an intern with the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit. Her professional background is varied and includes psycholegal consulting, program evaluation and grant-writing, training and curriculum development in foster care, and clinical psychology training development.

Professional Interests

Jury decision making, legal decision making, violent behavior, targeted violence and threat assessment

Education and Certifications

Master's Degree


Bachelor's Degree