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Dr. Elaine Burke

Dr. Elaine A. Burke is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Clinical Psy.D. Program at the Los Angeles campus of Alliant International University. She graduated with a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver, School of Professor Psychology (specialization in health psychology). Her internship was at the Mid-Missouri Consortium with a focus on health/medical psychology and neuropsychology. She then did a fellowship in neuropsychology at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center (Long Beach, CA) with an emphasis on pediatric neuropsychology. Following her training, she worked as a staff psychologist at Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents (New Kent, Virginia), was the Director of Psychology and Neuropsychology at Meadowbrook Hospital and had a private practice in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1994, she began working at the California School of Professional Psychology (now part of Alliant International University) in the Multicultural and Community Emphasis area.

Professional Interests
  • Gender roles and culture
  • Health and culture 
  • Assessment and culture
  • International research and clinical applications
  • Immigrants and trauma
  • Diversity training
  • Clinical work with children, particularly from underserved populations
  • Neuropsychology (child, adult, geriatric)
Education and Certifications
  • PsyD in Clinical Psychology
  • California Board of Psychology PSY16722  


Professional Activities

  • APA Division 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology) Board     
  • APA Section IV (Women) in Division 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology) 
  • Division 52 (International Psychology) International Committee for Women   


Professional and Honorary Memberships

  • American Psychology Association (APA)
  • APA Division 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology) 
  • APA Division 52 (International Psychology)
  • APA Division 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology)
  • Seminar in Community Clinical Issues
  • Immigration and Trauma
  • Ethnicity and Mental Health
  • Intercultural Processes and Human Diversity
  • Multicultural Neuropsychology 
Scholarship and Contributions to the Field
  • Burke, E. (2019). "The future of psychotherapy: Should cognitive-behavioral therapy be utilized instead of psychodynamic therapy?" Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study, 2(5),
  • Burke, E. (2014). "The development of competence in the supervision of international feminist research." Clinical Psychology of Women, 1(6), 8-13.
  • Burke, E. A. (2009). Incorporating internationalism into diversity training. In J.L. Chin (Ed.), Diversity in Mind and Action. Praeger Press.  
  • Burke, E.A. & Lopez, P.D. (2009).  Disabilities and employment in the United States, Kenya and  the Philippines: A race and class perspective. In C.A. Kendell, E. Gover, & M. Banks (Eds.).  Disabilities: Insights from Across Fields and Around the World. Praeger Press.
  • Burke, E. A. (2020, August).  The psychologist as a political being: Identity, reactions to clients and self-care.  In E. Burke and S. Morris (Co-chairs), The Impact of the Current Legal and Political Climate on Clinical Work with Women. Symposium at the American Psychological Association Conference, Washington, D.C.
  • Onyekwelu, U. & Burke, E. (2020, August).  African immigrants “imported trauma”: Healing through community connections and spirituality.  Poster session conducted at the American Psychological Association Conference, Washington, D.C.   
  • Burke, E. & Morrison, J. (2019, August).  Diversity training course on gender-based experience:  Challenging oppressive beliefs.  In E. Burke (Chair), Engaging Men in Internalizing Oppressive Beliefs.  Symposium conducted at the American Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL.