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Danielle Hankins

Alliant Faculty Member

Dr. Danielle Hankins is a dedicated educational psychologist with a strong background in a variety of areas, including K-12 education systems, special and general education programming, curriculum/program  evaluation, graduate course development, school neuropsychological assessment, psychoeducational assessment, evidence-based intervention planning, formative/summative assessment data analysis, parental collaboration in K-12 education, multidisciplinary team collaboration and cohesion, and expert-level interpretation of psychoeducational evaluations and reports.

With her experience in K-12 education systems, Dr. Hankins possesses a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and nuances within educational settings. She has worked closely with administrators, educators, and students to navigate the challenges and opportunities present in both special and general education programs. Dr. Hankins is committed to promoting best practices and ensuring access to quality education for all students.

As an educator, Dr. Hankins has played a pivotal role in the development of graduate courses. She has designed and taught specialized courses that encompass various topics, including assessment practices, multidisciplinary strategies, professional roles in educational psychology, psychopharmacology, and developmental psychopathology. She is committed to empowering future professionals, which is reflected in her engaging and comprehensive coursework and through her role as a dissertation chair, which prepares students to excel in the field of educational psychology.

Professional Interests
  • School Neuropsychology
  • Advanced Special Education Assessment/Evaluation
  • Education Systems Consultation
  • Parental Involvement in Education
  • Professional Roles in Education
  • Special Education Advocacy
  • Suicide Prevention 
Education and Certifications
  • PsyD (Educational Psychology)
  • MaED (Masters in Education-School Psychology)
  • PPS (Pupil Personnel Services Credential-School Psychology -Ca)
  • ABSNP (Diplomate, American Board of School Neuropsychology)
  • Principles of School Neuropsychology (I and II)
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • Interdisciplinary Group Facilitation
  • Professional Roles (Educational Psychology)
  • Organizational Psychology And Management In Systems: Consultation