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Bianca Cersosimo

Bianca Cersosimo

Bianca Cersosimo, Ph.D. is a California Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor at Alliant International University's Clinical Psychology Psy.D. Program in San Diego. She earned her BA in Psychology at Loyola University New Orleans where she graduated Cum Laude, and subsequently earned her MA in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Adelphi University. Her research focuses on integrative psychotherapy, personality pathology, treatment process and outcome, assessment, therapeutic alliance, and related factors. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in psychological assessment and has also had clinical and research experiences in the area of health psychology. Dr. Cersosimo has published peer-reviewed scientific articles and presented posters, papers, and moderated panels at academic conferences. She is an early career researcher and clinician, and most recently received the George Stricker Fellowship for Psychotherapy Integration Research in 2020. Dr. Cersosimo is dedicated to teaching and scholarship that focuses on helping students expand their knowledge about psychopathology, psychotherapy, and research through considering patient perspectives and cultural and systemic factors.

Professional Interests
  • Integrative psychotherapy
  • Personality pathology
  • Therapeutic alliance
  • Psychological assessment
  • Treatment process and outcome
  • Health psychology
Education and Certifications
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Adelphi University
  • MA in Clinical Psychology, Columbia University
  • BS in Psychology, Loyola University New Orleans
  • California Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY 34256
  • Psychopathology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Research Methods
Scholarship and Contributions to the Field
  • Cersosimo, B., Hilsenroth, M., Bornstein, R., Gold., J., & Blais, M. (2023). "Convergence in patient and therapist alliance ratings early in treatment with Personality Assessment Inventory clinical scales and subscales." Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy. Advanced online publication. DOI: 10.1002/cpp.2891
  • Cersosimo, B. H., Hilsenroth, M. J., Bornstein, R. F., Gold, J. R., & Blais, M. A. (2022). "Personality assessment inventory items in relation to patient‐and therapist‐rated alliance." Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 29 (6), 1905-1917.
  • Cersosimo, B. H., & Farber, B. A. (2021). "Is there something distinctive about psychotherapy clients’ dishonesty about self-destructive behaviors?" Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 35 (1), 230-241.
  • Cersosimo, B., Hilsenroth, M., Bornstein, R. & Gold, J. (2021) "Personality Assessment Inventory Clinical Scales in Relation to Patient and Therapist Rated Alliance Early in Treatment." Assessment, 29 (4), 806-816.
  • Cersosimo, B. H., & Hilsenroth, M. J. (2020) "Personality pathology severity, cluster type and specific therapeutic interventions in outpatient psychotherapy." Counselling and Psychotherapy Research org/10.1002/capr.12305
  • Charvet, L., Cersosimo, B., Schwarz, C., Belman, A., & Krupp, L. B. (2016). "Behavioral symptoms in pediatric multiple sclerosis: Relation to fatigue and cognitive impairment." Journal of Child Neurology, 31(8), 1062-1067. doi:10.1177/0883073816636227
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  • Groth, T., Hilsenroth, M., McMillen, K., Cersosimo, B., Bindon, N., Cain, L., & Katz, M. (2021). "How are expert therapists similar, different, and integrative in the treatment of borderline personality disorder?" Psychotherapy, 58 (2), 310.
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