Bachelor’s in Business Administration

The field of business is a moving target. Rapidly evolving and increasingly global. That’s why the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the California School of Management and Leadership at Alliant International University will help prepare you for the dynamic nature of your future career in business.

Whether it be a nonprofit, corporation, start-up business, government agency, or a business of your own, our Bachelor’s in Business Administration gives you the opportunity to make your mark.

Our curriculum will give you the solid foundation of business principles you need. Courses emphasize an understanding of business management, information systems, and the overall operating dynamics of organizations. You’ll also sharpen your critical thinking, interpersonal, oral, written, quantitative, and technological expertise to help you successfully navigate the complexities of the workplace.

A focus on advancing internationalism and multiculturalism allows you to develop into a culturally refined professional, ready to lead with awareness, an open mind, and solid rationale.

There’s No Substitute for Experience

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree program is offered in San Diego by the California School of Management & Leadership.

The emphasis here is on the practical application of your growing knowledge base. All California School of Management and Leadership programs place emphasis on hands-on practical applications of classroom studies, and our San Diego-based Business Administration bachelor’s degree is no different. Internships play a vital role here, so you see emerging business trends and developments as they happen. It’s the real world. In real time. And it’s invaluable.

  • Capstone Courses: You’ll work directly with a company or organization, and have the opportunity to apply your classroom education by creating a comprehensive, professional project (case analysis, business plan, portfolio, etc.).
  • Professional Internship: You will take part in a supervised internship designed to help you develop the bedrock skills that will prepare you for the competitive job market.

Degree Concentration 

The world of business is a world of specialization. So our concentrations let you tailor your program to meet your interests. Simply choose four concentration courses in your senior year to make your degree work best for you. Choose from:

  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information Systems and Technology Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospitality Management – In partnership with the Vatel Institute of Hospitality Management at Alliant International University 

* Concentrations subject to change

Study Business Administration and Management Abroad

Meet the global economy, right where it lives. Opportunities are offered in a variety of countries and our students have studied abroad in places like France, Germany, and China.

Business Moves Fast. Now Your Degree Can Too

The quickest route to an Alliant MBA, the Fast-Track option, lets you spend the last year of your undergraduate program taking ‘bridge classes.’ These graduate-level courses count toward both the completion of your bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

Not sure if you’re interested in a master’s degree? No problem. Take your time. Students in the Bachelor of Business Administration program won’t have to make a decision about ‘Fast-Track’ until there senior year.

Alliant Choice

We don’t take it lightly when a student chooses us for their education. Making Alliant International University your home means choosing more than just a school. It means choosing quality, from faculty to finish.

Learning at Alliant is not just about coursework, though that’s paramount. It’s not just about internships, though they’re vital. The greatness of an institution of higher education can be found in the harmonious balance of both scholarship and hands-on training. It’s also found in those you are learning with, learning from, and how you will transform your education into impact.

In our interconnected world, homogeny has been replaced with heterogeneity. At Alliant, it’s not about “fitting in,” because there is no one way to be. Our student body is uniquely diverse, they come from a world of backgrounds and they’ve all had a unique experience. Your exposure to this wealth of diverse experiences will help shape you into a more culturally- refined individual, while still sharing the one thing that all of our students have in common: A desire to better the world.

Helpful. Supportive. Open. These are just some of the ways our staff has been described by students. From application to graduation, we are here to help you succeed. And our faculty? They’re some of the best in their field, working professionals who are not only intimately familiar with changing trends but are often the ones making change happen.

We know that everyone has a unique story and situation. That is why we tailor our programs to fit the needs of first-time freshmen and transfer students alike. We firmly believe that education should be accessible to all. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration offers multiple admissions entry points each year, which gives you multiple opportunities to start the program each year. Couple that with no minimum unit requirements for transfer, and it means that Alliant will meet you right where you are. Right when you need us.

Get Started Today!

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