Applied Criminology (MS) Online Curriculum Plan

Please note that there may be other requirements for completion or options for elective and specialized courses. Please see the academic catalog for the full curriculum. Course offerings and sequence are subject to change.

  • Psychology & the Justice System
  • Criminal Justice Ethics, Values and Diversity in Post-911 America
  • Applied Theories of Crime and Crime Control
  • Concentration Course 1
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Concentration Course 2
  • Criminological Research & Data Analysis
  • Concentration Course 3
  • Constitutional Issues in Criminology
  • Concentration Course 4
  • Criminal Justice Program Development & Policy Analysis
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Crime and Victimization in a Global Context
  • Coursework into Practice: Applied Criminology Capstone Project

Concentration Curriculum Plan

Concentrations consist of four courses integrated into the curriculum plan.

Criminal Behavior

  • Violence and Criminal Behavior
  • Advanced Criminal Behavior: Mass, Serial and Pattern Criminals
  • Targeted Violence and Threat Assessment
  • Interviewing, Interrogation and Expert Witness Testimony


  • Targeted Violence and Threat Assessment
  • Contemporary Issues in Victimology
  • Effective, Compassionate Interviewing
  • Psychological, Emotional and Physical Impacts of Victimization

Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management

  • Violence and Criminal Behavior
  • Conflict and Crisis Negotiation
  • Critical Incidents, Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management
  • Targeted Violence and Threat Assessment