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Alumni Spotlight:

Q&A with Jackie Woodward 

California School of Forensic Studies at Alliant International University

MS in Forensic Behavioral Science, Online Campus

Professional Information

Government Information Specialist at US Department of Homeland Security

Q: How did your Alliant experience prepare you for your career path?

A: Research was key all through my experience at Alliant. Every day in my position I am researching in some aspect, whether it is legal research or policy research. I achieved a Master of Science in Forensic Behavioral Science which taught me to look outside the box. Alliant taught me to strive for something better within myself as I was older and not the traditional student. So, every day I am constantly working to push myself to look for new ways to accomplish big things and achieve my goals.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work? 

A: My job is not the same thing day in and day out. So, the constant change and learning new things is what is fantastic about my job. I enjoy the challenges every day.

Q: What inspires you to make a positive difference in the world? 

A: I believe that kindness is contagious. I grew up in a transient town and I was part of a military family. So that is something that can sometimes make or break a child. From an early age, I decided to be the kid that was the welcoming smile and a helping hand. I also don’t believe kindness can be measured. In the state of the world today, a smile can change someone’s day dramatically – almost as much as money. A person’s time is priceless and volunteering at a local dog shelter changes so many dogs’ lives and costs nothing. The world is full of ways to make a positive difference, all you must do is look around.

Q: Share your advice for current students.

A: This has probably been said a thousand times, but time management is key! Utilize resources like alarms on your phone or calendar reminders so that you don’t forget when things are due. At the same time, schedule time for yourself and time away from schoolwork. If you don’t take time away from your computer, you will miss out on life!!

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