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If you’re a licensed professional clinical counselor in the state of California, invaluable opportunities for networking, professional development, advocacy and more are available to members of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). Not sure exactly what CAMFT does and how it can benefit you? If you decide you’d like to join the field of licensed marriage and family therapists, read on to learn more.

CAMFT: What They Do

Boasting a membership of 32,000 and counting, the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists is an independent, state professional organization that serves many roles. It’s dedicated to advancing the field of marriage and family therapy by making sure its members follow ethical guidelines and accepted practices. As a member, you hold a great distinction because potential clients can look you up on CAMFT’s website and rest assured that your services are being held to the highest of standards of the professions code of ethics.

Think of CAMFT like a grassroots version of larger, national associations, like the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). CAMFT isn’t directly associated with AAMFT, but it serves a similar purpose by advancing the field of marriage and family therapy and spreading awareness to the general public on a more local level. This work also includes advocating for therapists and their clients with the California state legislature and regulating bodies. Unlike national organizations, however, with CAMFT you’ll work hand-in-hand with your California neighbors—people who share similar backgrounds, concerns, and clients.

CAMFT Marriage And Family Therapist Benefits

Are you wondering why CAMFT is important and how it can help further your career? Below are just a few of the possible advantages of CAMFT membership.

Networking. Membership in CAMFT allows you to make connections with others—leisurely and professionally—in the field of marriage and family therapy. These connections can lead to partnerships in business or collaborations with research and other endeavors. Networking can also help you get acquainted with a potential friend or mentor in the healthcare field.

Professional Development. CAMFT links you to other MFT licensed professionals, but it also grants you access to career resources as well as leading research and policy that relates to marriage and family therapy. By being a member, you can expand your knowledge of the career path and use what you learn to benefit your local community.

Advocacy. Being a part of CAMFT provides strength in numbers. Together, CAMFT members help raise public awareness about the field of marriage and family therapy and how it benefits couples and families. Involvement in a professional organization can also present opportunities for volunteerism and community service.

Want to Learn More

Alliant’s Marriage and Family Therapy program is one of a few COAMFTE-accredited schools in the state of California. For more information contact an admissions counselor at 1-866-825-5426.

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