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Study Tips to Prepare for CSET exam

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) designed the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) to help aspiring teachers meet requirements for credentialing. Each of the subject area tests measure the test-takers knowledge, skills, and abilities, thereby confirming a prospective teacher’s capacity to teach the subject.

A major milestone for aspiring teachers in the state of California is successfully passing the CSET. You may have only recently decided to become a teacher, or you may have been teaching for a while and want to delve into a new subject area. Regardless, these tests are mandatory to move forward in your education career. Find out how to prepare for the exam and give yourself the best chance of passing the CSET.

Get Started

Create a long-term study plan.

To successfully pass the CSET, you'll need to develop a regular practice of studying. Don't cram all the information in at the last minute and expect to pass with flying colors. Make studying a part of your daily life, like watching nightly TV or going for a morning run. Carve out at least half an hour for studying each day to build and cement the habit.

Study with the right materials.

Visit the CTC website and click on the subject area test you plan to take, such as Art, French, or Mathematics. There, you'll find comprehensive information about each test, including the test structure, testing locations, and preparation materials available for each test. Studying with materials offered by the CTC ensures you'll know what to expect and feel more confident on test day.

Take practice tests.

In addition to study guides and sample questions provided by the CTC, you may also find it useful to take CSET practice exams developed by California educators and assessment specialists. Such tests like those offered by Kaplan Publishing Group can help you better understand the content matter of the test and periodically assess your skills.

To take a more in-depth look at CSET exam preparation and get more information on teacher credentialing contact Alliant International University’s California School of Education Admissions Team.


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