Student Veterans Organization Forms at Alliant's Fresno Campus


A Student Veterans Organization (SVO) was formed on February 8, 2013 at the Fresno campus of Alliant International University.

Fresno Campus Student Veterans Organization

The Fresno  SVO grew out of the determination of  Heather Diaz, a Navy veteran and PsyD student in the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP).

"When I began my journey at Alliant-Fresno, I quickly noticed that beyond support for the G. I. Bill, there was little open support for students," said Diaz.  So, she took it upon herself to draft a petition to found the SVO and submitted it to the Student Government Association for approval.

With the help of Director of Military and Veterans Affairs Tina Moncada and Director of Campus Services, Fresno Xavier Romano, Diaz founded the Fresno SVO.  This is the second group of its kind, as students from the San Diego campus formed Alliant's first SVO in 2010.

The goal of the newly formed SVO is to reach out to veterans, both students and within the surrounding community, who are in dire need of support and services. The Fresno SVO welcomes all students interested in participating, not only veterans. Currently, the group includes veterans, military dependents, and civilians, with members from both CSPP and the California School of Forensic Studies (CSFS). You can contact the Fresno SVO at

Fresno SVO Officers

Founder & President

Heather M. Diaz. M.A.
CSPP PsyD program

Vice President

Mary Her, M.A.
CSPP PsyD program


Jacinda Peltz, B.A.
CSPP PhD program


Melissa Wagner, M.A.
CSPP PsyD program

Faculty Advisor

Raymond Greer, PhD
Psychology Professor and Advisor/Liaison to the Office of Professional Training


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