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Becoming a…Psychologist

Caroline Ault

PsyD in Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

CSPP at Alliant International University

Q: What inspired you to pursue this degree program/profession? 

A: I was inspired to pursue being a clinical psychologist because I want to help others that are struggling with their mental health, especially BIPOC individuals who might have limited access to mental health treatment.

Q: Describe the most rewarding parts of your student experience so far. 

A: The most rewarding part is working at my practicum, where I co-facilitate a group therapy session made up of young girls. It has been a rewarding experience for me to apply the lessons I learned in my courses into the group and also observe their growth throughout every session.

Q: Share your advice for new students on how to be successful in the program.

A: My advice to be successful in this program is to create a supportive community amongst your cohort. It is important that you have people in the cohort that you can go to for help on coursework or just having people you can relate/talk to, so you do not feel isolated. This program also encourages a tight knit community, which has been helpful for me, especially during challenging times. Last but not least, make sure you are setting aside time for self-care because your mental health should always be a priority.  

Q: What impact do you hope to make through the work you do?

A: I hope to make a difference by working to improve equal access to mental health care. I also hope to spread awareness about mental health in order to further break down cultural stigmas.

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