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Becoming a…Psychologist
Adam Anderson

PhD in Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
CSPP at Alliant International University

Q: What inspired you to pursue this profession/degree program? 

A: I wanted to do more in the field than I could in my previous occupation. I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology after doing much research, consulting with other mental health professionals, and my own self-reflection. It was a difficult decision, and I have had many challenges along my journey. The support I have received from my advisors, professors, supervisors, and mentors has helped foster my personal growth and confidence, and I am grateful for my experiences during my training.   

Q: Describe the most rewarding parts of your student experience so far. 

A: I found the most rewarding part of my student experience has been the many relationships I have formed over the course of my training. I was grateful to have amazing peers in my cohort who strived to work to gather and support one another, including myself. My advisors and instructors were supportive and instructive, ensuring I possessed the knowledge to be confident in my work. The supervisors who diligently worked with me to help shape my professional development. The many relationships I formed have positively impacted my academic career and will be cherished long after I complete my degree.   

Q: Share your advice for new students on how to be successful in the program. 

A: Take the entirety of what the program will require in stride. Initially, I found myself intimidated by the high expectations and work needed to succeed. Try to remember the path to graduation is a journey of growth. Allow your advisors to support you and develop a plan to approach each part of this journey. Do not be discouraged when you make mistakes or find yourself before difficult obstacles; you will learn and overcome them. Be open to your experiences and to yourself. There will be times of discomfort, but they will pass. Take care of yourself and remain focused on your goals.

Q: What impact do you hope to make through the work you do? 

A: I plan to use what I have learned to help those in need and to educate future generations. I enjoy clinical practice and hope to one day be licensed and practice in a community setting. I also have found a passion for teaching and wish to find a tenured position to contribute to the next generation of students.  

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