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Dean Haskell is pleased to announce the hire of Dr. Cornelis Los as the new Professor of Finance at Alliant International University. "Dr. Los is that rare academic who combines an outstanding education, including a PhD from Columbia University, with outstanding research and publications, as wells years of practical experience as a senior economist at various institutions in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands. His combination of professional practice and education defines the faculty model for a professional practice university such as Alliant and a school like CSML" said Dean Haskell.

Professor Los' career has been dual and global. First, after obtaining his PhD in Economics (1984) from Columbia University in New York City, he has been a professional Senior Economist on "Wall Street" for both the US' Fed and Japan's Nomura, and the Chief US Economist for Dutch ING Bank.

Second, he has been an academic Professor of Banking and Finance, e.g., at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (where he co-designed and organized two academic financial trading rooms), at Adelaide and Deakin Universities in Australia, and at Kent State University in Ohio (where he co-designed and organized the new M.Sc. in Financial Engineering together with a derivatives trading room). Half a decade ago, he taught for the London School of Economics in Kazakhstan and was a Visiting Professor of Financial Management at the Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management & Leadership at the Claremont Graduate University. Most recently he was a Professor of Finance at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, where he designed and realized a $0.5mln financial Trading Room in the new Markin Hall business school, with a five-year operational budget of another $0.5mln.

He has written several books (e.g., on Computational Finance and on Financial Market Risk). He designed new courses on financial trading and market microstructure using internet-based financial trading network simulators, and on strategic project valuation using real option theory. He is developing a new M.Sc. in Financial Engineering, focused on commodity, energy and weather markets. He has supervised MA, MSc and PhD theses in Finance and Economics. His avocations are: financial risk management and financial engineering, market model identification from high frequency financial data, and in-depth research of financial market microstructures.

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