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The Applied Scholarship and Research Award at Alliant International University honors productive scholarship that has made a significant contribution to applied issues in the honoree’s discipline.  The work should be recent and should be produced by a member of the Alliant community (student, staff, or core faculty member).  The nominated work should exemplify the type of scholarship central to Alliant’s mission:

Scholarship in the Alliant context includes the discovery of new knowledge; the discovery of new applications of knowledge to solve practical problems; the integration of knowledge in new ways; and innovation in teaching knowledge and professional competencies.

Individuals with a single scholarly work or a series of products may be nominated for the award.  To be eligible, the work or works should have appeared in the last five years.  The nominee must have played a crucial leadership role in the production of the work (e.g., be first or second author of any written work), and the contribution of the nominee to the work should be made explicit in the nomination materials.

Nominations for all types of scholarly products are welcome; the target audience of the scholarship may be other academics, students, practitioners, or the public.   Only scholarship grounded in one’s professional discipline is eligible.  Examples of eligible work include but are not limited to books and book chapters; journal, magazine, or newspaper articles; “white papers” prepared for professional organizations; websites or other electronic information; textbooks; videos or other media related to one’s area of expertise; and creative works that are based on one’s disciplinary knowledge.  Self nominations will be accepted.

Nominations Due:  February 10, 2014  

Applications Due:  March 10, 2014  

Announcement: Week of April 1, 2014

Nominations will be evaluated based on a) the extent to which the scholarship fits with Alliant’s mission, pillars, and core values; b) the relevance of the work to practical problems, societal concerns, or other applied issues; c) evidence that the work has made a significant and meaningful impact on its target audience (e.g., citation rates, hit rates or links to material for electronic media; public reviews of the work; breadth of distribution of the work; etc.).    For more recent work, where the impact may not yet be fully realized, nominees should provide information on the likely impact and significance of the work in the future; d) the nature and scope of the impact (or likely impact); e) the extent to which the scholarship reflects depth of understanding of the topic area within the nominee’s discipline; f) the scope and breadth of the work; and g) the nature of the nominee’s contribution to the scholarly product(s). 

Please forward nominations to Ron Durán at

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