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CSFS-SD students Crystal Adibe, Amanda Dutton, Heather McMahon, Kori Ryan and Shelpi Sheth contributed to papers accepted for the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Society conference held in Maasticht, Netherlands in June, 2013. All are students of Professor Robert “Bob” Leark, PhD, who contributed to each of the following papers:

  • “Meta-Analytic Review of Neuropsychological Impairments in Sex Offenders: Questions and More Questions” by Amanda Dutton, Shelpi Sheth, Crystal Adibe, Robert Leark
  • “Meta-Analysis of Neuropsychological Functioning within Individuals Meeting Criteria for Psychopathy” by Robert Leark, Kori Ryan, Heather McMahon
  • “Low Self Control Criminal Theory Revisited: Gender Differences in Low Self Control & Criminal Behavior” by Kori Ryan, Robert Leark, Heather McMahon

Titus M. Hamlett of CSPP-LA, wrote an op-ed article entitled, “Students trapped by high debt, low wages,” that was published in The Baltimore Sun.

Jonathan Mathias Lassiter, CSPP-SF, had the following article accepted for publication in the Journal of Religion and Health:

  • Lassiter, J. (in press). Extracting dirt from water: A strengths-based approach to religion for African American same gender loving men. Journal of Religion and Health.

Kevin Lecy, CSPP-SF, received an award recognizing his contribution to a pain reduction/stress management program developed for people living with multiple sclerosis at the 2012 annual meeting of the Northern California Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Jack Little, CSOE-MC, will represent the Mexico National Cricket team at the Volcano Cup Cricket Tournament El Salvador this month. The Mexico National team will face teams from Guatemala and El Salvador at the event.

Joseph McCullauh and Alexa Rabin of CSPP-SD, have an article in press for the journal Woman and Birth. The article entitled “Do women who choose to become surrogate mothers have different psychological profiles compared to a normative female sample?” Todd D. Pizitz, adjunct faculty and director of the PsyD Assessment Clinic, CSPP-SD is first author of the article.

Malini Nagpal, CSPP-LA, was invited to speak at the Kaiser Permanente Nursing Research Department on "Effects of Non-Verbal Behavior, Self-Construal, and Gender on Perception of Charismatic Leadership." The speech is based on her dissertation research, which she recently completed and successfully defended in November.

Research by Andrew Roberts of CSPP-SD, was accepted for a poster presentation at the International Family Therapy Association's 21st World Congress to be held in Orlando Florida, February 2013. The presentation is entitled, “Student and Intern Perceptions of Working as a Marriage and Family Therapist.”

CSFS-LA student, Natalie K. Sobel, had her dissertation accepted for presentation at the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS) conference to be held in March 2013. The dissertation entitled, “Bridging the Gap Between Test Versions: WAIS-III/IV Matrix Reasoning as an Embedded Symptom Validity Indicator,” compared large samples of credible and non- credible patients on several WAIS-III Matrix Reasoning variables. An equation combining the most discrepant items present on both the WAIS-III and WAIS-IV was found to be moderately successful. This equation could potentially be used with both versions of the test, allowing for greater clinician flexibility.

Joey Walloch, CSPP-SF, had an article published in LGBT Issues in Counseling. The paper, “Acceptance and commitment therapy to address eating disorder symptomatology in gay men,” is based on his dissertation proposal and was co-authored with Drs. Alison Cerezo, assistant professor, and Fred Heide, associate professor, both of CSPP-SF.

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