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Dana Anderson of CSFS-SAC was awarded the “20 Under 40” leadership award for 2012 for her work founding “Voices Advocacy,” a national advocacy group that shares stories to empower women. The group, which created educational videos shown at various events and trainings, has also been featured in newspapers and on television and radio.

Ashley Barth-Forbes of CSPP-SF and Jocelyn Tomaka of CSPP-SD were selected as recipients of the 2012 Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research/Society of Consulting Psychology Small Grants Award. Dr. Mary Fambrough, associate professor, CSPP-SF, is Barth Forbes’ faculty supervisor and Dr. Bernardo Ferdman, professor, CSPP-SD, supervises Tomaka. The aim of the Small Grants program is to encourage high-quality research in the field and to increase the publication of high-quality research in the journal; winning proposals were selected based on peer review.

Maggie Benedict-Montgomery and Laura Torriss, both of CSPP-SF, had their dissertation studies accepted for presentation at the Association of Women in Psychology (AWP) 2013 Annual Conference held in Salt Lake City in March.

Mark Carlock had a poster accepted to the Western Psychological Association’s (WPA) 93rd Annual Convention, based on his student research conducted under the supervision of Dr. Nurcan Ensari, professor and director, CSPP–LA:

  • Carlock, M., Ensari, N., & Lopez, D. (accepted). The role of the SAT in perpetuating institutional racism. Western Psychological Association, Reno, U.S., April, 2013.

Marisa W. Glivings, Ed.M., CSPP-SAC, will present a poster entitled: "What Has Spirituality Got to Do with It?" at the AWP 2013 Annual Conference in March 2013. Glivings also had a poster abstract accepted to the 2013 American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention entitled: "The Effect of Spirituality on Resiliency and Chosen Coping Strategy in a Sample of Adult Women."

CSPP-SAC Students Armando Gonzalez, MA, and Gwyneth Poggi, MA, MFT, along with Dr. Tatiana Glebova, assistant professor, CSPP-SAC, presented their research results on race, gender and diagnoses to Turning Point Sacramento, a local community-based mental health clinic that they sampled for their original study. Results of the study were discussed with management and clinicians to help gain a better understanding of the unique set of results that were produced in the study.

Yi-Feng Carol Lan, CSPP-HK, and Dr. Diane Zelman, professor and associate program director, CSPP-HK & SF, will present “Angry Characters and Frightened Souls: Explanatory Models of Bipolar Disorder in Taiwan” at the symposium, “Treating Serious Mental Illness in Individuals from East Asian and Pacific Island Nations” during the APA 2013 Annual Conference in August 2013.

Klaris Ka-Wai Leung of CSPP-HK will present the poster “Perception and Attitudes towards Children with ADHD” at the Eastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting held in New York, March 2013.

The psychology of 2012’s prophecies of the end of the world are under investigation by CSFS Adjunct Professor Matthew J. Sharps, and Alliant Forensic Clinical Psychology students Schuyler Liao and Megan Herrera. Their article, “It’s the End of the World and They Don’t Feel Fine: The Psychology of December 21, 2012,” appeared as the cover story in the January/February 2013 issue of Skeptical Inquirer. The article demonstrates that psychological processes, including dissociative tendencies and varying levels of detailed, specific scientific knowledge, were major influences in belief or disbelief in these prophecies.

Kaitlyn Masai, Joe Nee, Hollis Tsoi and Shannen Vong of CSPP-LA attended the National Multicultural Conference & Summit 2013, representing CSPP during poster sessions.

Joe Nee of CSPP-LA had the poster, “Acculturative Factors Affecting Perception of Mental Health in Chinese Americans,” accepted for presentation at the WPA 93rd Annual Convention in April. The poster was co-authored by Dr. Michi Fu, associate professor, CSPP-LA.

Debbie Nelson of CSPP-SF presented a film that was part of her dissertation work at the National Summit on Opioid Safety: Strategies and Tools for More Cautious Use of Chronic Opioid Therapy, in November 2012. Nelson served as lead presenter and panelist. Further, Nelson’s research, co-authored by Dr. Diane Zelman, professor and associate program director, CSPP-HK & SF, "Older Adults' Perception of Their Pain Medications," has been accepted as a poster to the Society for Behavioral Medicine Annual Conference in March 2013 and to the American Pain Society 32nd Annual Scientific Conference in New Orleans, May 2013.

Ari Oklan of CSPP-SF recently published:

John Peachey, CSPP-SF, was interviewed and quoted about his dissertation in an article about sleep disorders in the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) gradPSYCH magazine.

Alana R. Russaw, MPH, MA, CSPP-SAC, had her dissertation entitled “Message Framing Utilization in Hypertension Research with African American Women" accepted as a poster to the 2013 APA Annual Convention and AWP Annual Conference. It was also accepted as a paper to WPA.

The symposium “Disentangling Sexual Risky Behaviors and Contraceptive Use in Minority Youths” by Shannen Vong of CSPP-LA was accepted for presentation at the WPA Convention in Reno, Nevada, April 2013.

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