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As an ACSA Partner4Purpose, Alliant is here to support you in your role as a leader in education. Our credential and degree programs are designed to meet the needs of educational leaders, giving you the skills to facilitate challenges and stay current in a world of constant change.

Administrative Services Credential (ASC): field experiences, collaborative professional learning, a theory-to-practice approach, and research-based practices to align with the requirements of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA).

EdD in Educational Leadership and Management: concentration in Tk-12 Leadership that focuses on conflict resolution, social justice, digital curriculum integration, and insights into technology.

PsyD in Educational Psychology: coursework in multicultural counseling, leadership, consultation, global education, research design, program development, law, ethics, equity, social justice, developmental psychopathology, and psychopharmacology

We’ve created cutting-edge programs taught by expert faculty. Online programs begin January 2023.

Join us at one of our informational webinars below to learn more about our professional credential and doctorate degree programs, ACSA member tuition savings, and how we can support you and your team. All webinars will be held at 4:30 p.m. (PT).

  • November 29 – Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

    Register Here
  • November 30 – EdD in Educational Leadership and Administration

    Register Here
  • December 1 – Educational Psychology PsyD

    Register Here


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