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Find out how your undergraduate credits may reduce testing requirements

The CTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing) has recently expanded your options for meeting the basic skills requirements (BSR) needed to become a teacher. Under the new regulations, you may use your undergraduate credits to prove your proficiency in reading, writing, and math, and avoid having to take part or even all of the CBEST exam—and we can help.

Your new options for fulfilling the BSR include:

  1. Pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) or another approved exam
  2. Apply skills and knowledge from your undergraduate coursework
  3. Combine coursework and a section or two of the CBEST to fulfil the requirements

If this sounds complicated, we can help—even if you’re not an active student at Alliant:

  • We’ll evaluate your previous coursework at no cost. More than half of the applicants we’ve evaluated have been able to pass the BSR with a combination of undergrad coursework and a section or two of the CBEST exam.
  • If it is determined that you’ll need to take part or all of the CBEST exam, we’ll give you a free, three-month license to to help you prepare for whichever sections of the exam you need to take.

It takes time to get your transcripts evaluated, and if needed, to study and schedule your test date for the CBEST, so get started right now.

At Alliant International University, our teaching programs have one goal—to teach you how to teach. We’ll be at your side every step of the way, from enrollment to your certificate. And if you’re not sure which path is right for you, we can help. Find out how you can make a difference as a teacher.

Learn five steps to becoming a California teacher in this video.



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