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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week From Alliant International University

A message from Dr. Kristy Pruitt, Dean of the California School Of Education

Dear Educators,

We are proud to celebrate and honor the teachers and aspiring educators dedicated to the field and future of education. Thank you for your hard work in guiding, supporting, and inspiring our diverse future leaders within the TK-12 communities you serve. Your efforts to engage students and provide the skills that allow them to reach their full potential are recognized and appreciated. 

We are pleased to support you with ongoing learning opportunities integrating the latest knowledge, best practices, tools, and technologies beyond just Teacher Appreciation Week. We continue to invest in innovative resources to support your education and career in classrooms so that you can impact the lives of our school children. We continue to develop and cultivate strong partnerships, including public, charter, NPS, community-based organizations, non-profits, and related agencies, many of which continue to provide excellent internship and employment opportunities for our teacher candidates. We are proud that our programs offer:

  • Standards-aligned curriculum
  • Research and evidence-based learning to meet the needs of all learners
  • Innovative programs that teach the life skills needed to make a global impact
  • Online programs with small class sizes and classroom simulations to give you the education and experience you need
  • Ongoing learning opportunities, including certificates, credentials, added authorizations, and advanced degrees such as an EdD in Educational Leadership and Management and Bilingual Authorization 

We are dedicated to inspiring curious and lifelong leaders; you are all part of that mission. Thank you for trusting Alliant to be part of the future you are creating for our TK-12 students.

On behalf of the entire California School of Education staff and faculty, I offer you my profound encouragement and appreciation as you continue on the noble path of education. Thank you for all that you do in the classrooms to impact student success.

Kristy Pruitt Signature

Dr. Kristy Pruitt, EdD 

Dean, California School of Education

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