Cultural Diversity in Family Therapy: An Expert's Take


Family therapy and cultural diversity— two subjects near and dear to our students and faculty at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP), and were the key topics at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy’s Annual Division Conference.

The event featured experts and thought leaders in a two day discussion about cultural diversity in therapy. The keynote speaker was Alliant’s own Dr. Robert-Jay Green. Dr. Green is Professor Emeritus of the Clinical Psychology PhD Program and Senior Research Fellow at the Rockway Institute for LGBT Psychology, at CSPP’s San Francisco campus.

Dr. Green has over 100 publications, three national awards from the American Psychological Association, and the Distinguished Research Award from the American Family Therapy Academy for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of LGBT couple and family issues. He is currently conducting a longitudinal study of over 900 same-sex couples across the transition to marriage and a study of 68 gay father families in which the children were born via gestational surrogacy.

His address is titled Minority stress and resilient coping: Lessons from therapy with same-sex couples.

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