CSPP's Noah Hass-Cohen, PsyD, Publishes New Book


Alliant Los Angeles and CSPP faculty member Dr. Noah Hass-Cohen recently published "Art Therapy and the Neurocsience of Relationships, Creativity and Resiliency," a comprehensive integration of art therapy and interpersonal neurobiology. The book showcases art therapy and neuroscience through both clinical and theoretical approaches developed by Dr. Hass-Cohen and her co-auther Joanna Clyde Findlay. Dr. Hass-Cohen demonstrates how these practices can help clients with autobiographical memory, reflecting and creating, touch and space, meaning-making, emotions and dealing with long-term stress and trauma.

Dr. Noah Hass-Cohen joined the CSPP faculty in 2010. She teaches marriage family therapy theories, research methods, assessment and crisis and trauma. A practicing marriage family therapist, clinical psychologist and art therapist, Dr. Hass-Cohen has developed a theoretical model for art psychotherapy. In her publications and national and international presentations, she explores the advantages of therapeutic art making from an interpersonal neurobiology perspective. She highlights how sensory expressive practices can provide solid opportunities for softening relationships increasing empathy, mending attachments and repairing autobiographical memories.

Congratulations Dr. Hass-Cohen!


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