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Clinical Forensic Psychology is a fast-growing field. Clinical psychologists practice in many forensic settings and often this occurs while working with the criminal population. Additionally, the field of forensic psychology includes a number of clinical services provided to clients who have non-criminal contact with the legal system. These include divorce, custody mediation, workers compensation and disability evaluations, adoption, and many others. The Clinical Forensic Psychology emphasis offered by the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University’s Fresno campus prepares students to work with clients in diverse settings and with a wide-range of law enforcement, correctional, legal, and medical professionals.

Students who pursue the forensic emphasis will be given a basic background in forensic specific assessment, legal issues pertaining to work in the field, forensic ethics, public policy, and expert testimony. There is also an opportunity to pursue relevant forensic certificate programs. The forensic emphasis provides students with skills and knowledge in the criminal and civil justice systems and with models of therapeutic jurisprudence.

This emphasis also focuses on multi-disciplinary work and requires students to consider forensic issues in terms of the individual’s neuropsychology, personality, cognition and habitual behaviors, as well as his/her social and cultural environments. Students completing the Forensic Emphasis will be prepared to work within diverse forensic settings and with varied forensic populations.

To complete the forensic emphasis, students:

  • Take a minimum of 12 units of forensic courses
  • Acquire at least 500 practicum hours in each of two clinical forensic settings
  • Complete a dissertation on a forensic psychology topic
  • Are strongly encouraged to complete a pre-doctoral internship in a forensic psychology setting

Required Courses

  • Introduction to Forensic Psychology

A Sample of Other Forensic Emphasis Courses Offered

  • Forensic Report Writing/Expert Testimony
  • Forensic Risk Assessment
  • Forensic Psychology Competency Evaluations
  • Clinical Psychology and Law
  • Treatment and Assessment of Criminal Offenders


For more information on this emphasis, contact us anytime by calling toll-free at 866-U-ALLIANT (866-825-5426).

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