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CSPP is excited to be exhibiting at the 2019 APA Convention in Chicago

Please be sure to swing by and say hello at our booth, booth 301!

Let's Get Social 

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Be sure to use the hashtag #CSPPatAPA and tag us when sharing social media updates at or about the conference!

CSPP at APA 2018 Presenters

Come back soon to see our 2019 presenters.


Riley Cropper

The Effects of Maternal Anxiety on Pediatric Unintentional Injuries

Graham Danzer

Depressive Symptoms and Medication Non-Adherence For Inpatients with Psychotic Spectrum Disorders

African Americans' Historical Trauma and Its Manifestations in Psychotherapy with White Psychologists

Nina Kaur

Punjabi Sikh Women's Experience Coping with Parental Domestic Violence and Alcohol Abuse

Katherine Mccarthy

Back To Our Collective Roots: Peer Consultation and ECP Dilemmas


Matt Baity

Exploring Resiliency in Combat and Non-Combat Veterans Utilizing the Ego Resiliency Scale (Er89-R)

Elaine Burke

Intimate Partner Violence in A Global Society: Sociocultural Prevention Strategies

What Is Being American? Psychological Explorations and Interventions

Michael Connor

Black Males on Historically White Colleges and Universities

Tribute to the Godfather of Black Psychology--Dr. Joseph White

Sandra Espinoza

Challenges for Minority Psychologists in the Era of Racist Nativism

Julii Green

Strengthening Multicultural Indigenous Feminism in Education, Research, Advocacy, and Practice

Fred Heide

Spiritual Use of Cannabis

Mindfulness, Experiential Avoidance, and Cannabis Use Disorder

Predicting Psychological Well-Being in Frequent Cannabis Users

Disordered vs. Non-disordered Use in Those Reporting Spiritual Benefit from Cannabis

Jennifer Hsia

Exploring and Navigating Intersecting Identities as Early-Career Psychologists

David Jull-Patterson

Extremis (Film Festival Presentation)

Using Problem Based Learning to Teach Ethics

Ya-Shu Liang

Assessing Within-gender Variation: The Relative Masculinity and Relative Femininity Scales

Lisa Liu

Racial Differences in Ethnic Racial Socialization and Intergroup Attributions

Therapist Experiences Working With Asian and Asian-American Students

Michael Loewy

Cultivating Cultural Competency Among Trainees with Diverse Worldviews, Beliefs and Religious Views

Rodney L. Lowman

Moving Forward: A Town Hall Promoting Strategies Around Social Justice

Social Media And Anti-Islam/Anti-Arab Ethical Violations—Mock Licensing Board Hearing

Surviving The Storm: A Neurons-To-Neighborhood Approach yo Natural Disasters

Ethics Of Consulting Psychology—Virtual Service Delivery And Role Conflicts

Cristina Magalhaes

Body Image Concerns Among Transgender People in the Feminine Spectrum of Gender

Mindfulness Interventions for Post-Bariatric Surgery Disordered Eating: A Systematic Review

Emerging Areas of Science, Practice, and Education with LGBTQ Women

Ayahuasca-related Clinical Issues: Resource for Mental Health Practitioners

Eduardo Morales

Designing and Implementing Multilingual Behavioral Health Services for Latino Gay/Bisexuals

The Aging Latinx SGM Community: Psychosocial, Economic & Health Factors Impacting Health Outcomes

Navigating Intersecting Identities Through Uncharted Territories

Somos Latinxs: Resiliance and Self Definition Among Sexual and Gender Diverse Latinxs

Limited English Speakers: Issues in Using Interpreters Versus Being Bilingual

Unaccompanied Immigrant Latino Youth: A Cultural Perspective to Engagement in Mental Health Services

Process Evaluation of Recorded Music Expression Arts Intervention in Alternative School Setting

Acculturation Influencing Depression and Cognitive Functioning Among Older Latinos

Nahoko Nishizawa

Intercontinental Child Abuse Prevention---Lessons From Act Raising Safe Kids Program Evaluation

Act Raising Safe Kids Program to Support Parenting After Disasters in Japan

Efficacy of The Japanese Version of Act Raising Safe Kids Program in A Sample of Japanese Parents

Parental Stress And Child Maltreatment In Japan: Cultural Differences in Act Risk Programs

Susan Regas

Presidential Address: Can You Leave Self-of-the-Therapist Out of Clinical Training and Therapy?

How Did Two Division 43 Women Become APA Presidents? Dr. Regas interviews Nadine J. Kaslow & Susan H. McDaniel

Women's Sexuality Across the Lifespan--Integrating Science and Practice

SPEED MENTORING: Navigating Life as a Student or ECP in Couple and Family Psychology

Emil Rodolfa

The Movement Toward Competency Exams: Understanding the EPPP Part 2

Jill Sirikantraporn

Symposium: Human Strength-Cross-Cultural and International Perspective

Self-Compassion and Shame on Mental Health Outcomes and Help-Seeking Attitudes in Asian Americans

Monica Ulibarri

Exposure to Violent Media and Adolescents' Attitudes About Relationship and Sexual Violence


Mohamed Abdallah

A Qualitative Review Of Muslim-Americans Living In Trump's America

Krystal Akbar

Does Insecure Peer Attachment Influence Academic Achievement in Middle School Children?

Theresia Anderson

Process Evaluation: Recorded Music Expressive Arts (Rmea) Intervention

Julie Badaracco

Trauma, Stress And Posttraumatic Growth Among Indian College Students: A Mixed Methods Study

Rachel Berton-Sniderman

Assessment, Identification, and Intervention for Early Childhood Anxiety

Hank Blalock

Effects of Acronyms on General Comprehension of Non-Field Scientific Literature

Yung Fang Irene Chung Chavez

Mental Health Stigma, Acculturation, and Psychological Help Seeking in Taiwanese in Taiwan and United States

Laila Davis

Telephone Support Augmenting Mobile App Intervention Among VA Primary Care Patients with PTSD

Daniel Doi

Gender Identity and Well-Being in Middle School Children

Heather Duong

Telephone Support Augmenting Mobile App Intervention Among VA Primary Care Patients with PTSD

Rebecca French

Telephone Support Augmenting Mobile App Intervention Among VA Primary Care Patients with PTSD

Ponder Goddard

The Early Sexual Life History of Women in Their 50's

Supatra Hanna Tovar

Mindfulness Interventions for Post-Bariatric Surgery Disordered Eating

James Issel

Limited English Speakers: Issues in Using Interpreters Versus Being Bilingual

Tinai James 

Gender Identity's Role in Early Adolescents' Emulation of Gender Stereotypes in Academic Achievement

Jorel Jassy

Gender Identity and Adjustment in Adolescents in The United States and India

Michael Lopez

Development of a Scale to Assess Meaning in Life: Lopez Meaning Scale

Sharon Malinowski

Can Racism Be Treated Therapeutically? Answers from the Next Generation of Psychologists

Ethics in the Public Health Setting: Complex Concerns and Multiculturally Responsive Care

Sonia Milkin

Not Supposed To Feel, Not Supposed To Care: Masculinity and Relationship Satisfaction

Wendy Ong

Crisis Among Ethnically Diverse Youth: Grounded Theory and Implications for Clinical Practice

Ashley Rankin

Resiliency: The Impact of Protective Factors on Juvenile Recidivism

The Movement Toward Competency Exams: Understanding the EPPP Part 2

Ana Rodriguez

Unaccompanied Immigrant Latino Youth: A Cultural Perspective to Engagement in Mental Health Services

Katherine Russell

PTSD Symptoms and Functional Impairment in Tower Survivors of the 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks

Marie Secrist

Betrayal Trauma in the Lives Of Children, Ex-Partners, and American Voters

Sarah Shadi

Feelings of Social Isolation in People with Brain Injuries

Travis Shubeck

Self-Image Discrepancies In The Gendered Self: Is Felt Gender Atypicality Especially Distressing to Narcissistic Adolescents?

Jean-Arrelia Tolentino

Feminism: A Counter-Hegemonic Response to Healing and Psychological Well-Being for Filipino-Americans

Jenny Tran

Factors Associated with Nicotine Use in Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Syndemic Approach

Ecstasy Use in Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Emerging Adults

Anna West

The Relationship Between Psychiatric Symptom Severity, Diagnosis, And Length Of Stay: Factors Affecting Patient Length Of Stay at A Diverse Urban Inpatient Hospital

Jennifer Wu

What Am I? Perceptions and Experiences of Ethnic Ambiguity Among Multi-Ethnic Individuals

Development And Validation Of The Unique Scale: An Ethnic Ambiguity Scale

If you will be presenting at APA and would like to be featured on this page, please click here.



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