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California School of Education Alumni Share Expertise with Mexico City Teachers

Alliant International University
Published 02/14/2012
2 minutes read
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The California School of Education at Alliant International University recently hosted a professional development exercise that paired two of California’s top-performing teachers with K-12 educators in Mexico City.

CSOE alumni John Glover and Kevin Sparks, nationally-recognized teachers and administrators, traveled to Mexico City to share their experiences developing and leading California’s top-performing middle schools. Glover and Sparks focused on the vitally important subject of classroom management before an audience of teachers and officials from Mexico City’s Peterson School, a K-12 international school offering bilingual and bicultural programming.

The workshop was an extension of community outreach and engagement efforts to support Alliant’s teacher education programs, led by CSOE Associate Dean Trudy Day, Ed.D., and its Mexico City campus.

Kevin Sparks is an 8th grade teacher in a self-contained classroom at American Indian Public Charter School (AIPCS) in Oakland, California. In his three years at the school, AIPCS has become the top-performing middle school in California. Sparks earned his California teaching credential from the California School of Education.
John Glover is the founder of Alpha Public Schools. Prior to creating Alpha, Mr. Glover worked at AIM Schools in Oakland, California where he served as a teacher, director and chief operations officer. In the final year of his tenure, AIM’s two middle schools tied one another as the top-performing middle schools in California. Glover also earned his California teaching credential from the California School of Education.

To learn more about teaching credential and teacher education programs at the California School of Education and Alliant International University, visit

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