APA Article Highlights Importance of Psychological Immersion Programs


Dr. Jason Platt on site in Mexico City

A recent article in gradPSYCH magazine, a publication of the American Psychological Association, highlights Alliant's International Counseling Psychology Master of Arts program dedicated to giving psychology students more opportunities to leverage their expertise in Spanish. This program was created by Jason Platt, Ph.D., out of a need to provide U.S. psychologists with the training to serve a broader population. With the number of Spanish-speaking clients on the rise, the demand for culturally competent psychologists to serve this population has never been higher. A handful of psychology programs are working to meet that training need.

Alliant International University is dedicated to giving students the chance to immerse themselves in a foreign country in order to grow as psychologists. The International Counseling Psychology Master of Arts program offered by the California School of Professional Psychology at our Mexico City campus lets students earn a United States-issued graduate degree in one of Latin America’s most dynamic cultural and economic hub. Students will benefit from the double advantage of an enriching experience and the chance to gain culturally competent practice modalities to help future psychologists assist diverse families in our global society.

To read the full article visit the gradPSYCH page and for more information on the International Counseling Psychology Master of Arts program visit the Alliant program page.



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