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CSPP at Alliant International University is excited to announce that, Amber Hager, a PhD student in the San Francisco Clinical Psychology program, is the 2015 recipient of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology's Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Committee Student Award.

This prestigious, national award is granted only once every three years. Its intent is to increase awareness of and sensitivity to GLBT matters within both the psychology profession and NCSPP member schools so that more competent psychological services, research, and advocacy may be provided to individuals, families, and organizations.

Amber is an outstanding example of the NCSPP award’s core qualification that “the contributions of the student should be reflected in their scholarly products, clinical applications and the way that they model professional identity and development as an advocate for GLBT persons, issues and concerns.” She has worked on behalf of the GLBT communities for several years. She is currently completing her dissertation, which is a qualitative study of transgender men and their female, sexual minority partners who remained in a relationship for at least two years post-transition, and are currently together. The dissertation explores how couples resolve issues around shifting identities (gender and sexuality), changing roles, sexual intimacy, community and support, and emotional needs.This year, the committee received a record-setting number of nominations. The result was a very competitive selection process that involved scoring across three categories (research/scholarship, clinical or consultation applications, advocacy activities) and at least two independent reviews.

Congratulations Amber!

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