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Alumni Spotlight:
Q&A with Romina Rosero

California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University
MA in Marital and Family Therapy
Los Angeles Campus

Professional Information

Licensed Couples and Family Therapist at Cyti Psychological (Remote)

Q: How did your Alliant experience contribute to your career growth?

A: My experience at Alliant contributed to my career growth in many ways. It allowed me to form connections with instructors who have shared their real-world experiences in the field that prepared me to better serve my community. Having a small class size also helped me feel more engaged and understand concepts better since professors gave students enough attention, whereas at a larger institution I’m not sure that I wouldn’t gotten as much individualized attention and opportunity for group discussions. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work?

A: I enjoy getting to meet so many different people with different ways of thinking because I’m constantly learning as well from clients. I also like the freedom that we have more now as providers to offer telehealth. Working remotely has made it easier to provide services to clients who may have otherwise not been able to obtain services. It’s also exciting to see how the field evolves and I enjoy staying up to date with new approaches that can help clients. 

Q: What inspires you to make a positive difference in the world?

A: What inspires me to make a positive difference in the world are remembering the difference that my own therapists have made in my life. Also, continuing to see how clients grow and make changes in their own lives as a result of their hard work in therapy. The quote from Mr. Roger’s also stuck with me and inspires me as well, which is “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

Q: Any advice you have for current students.

A: My advice to current students is to be comfortable with learning from their mistakes and learning from client feedback because the knowledge gained will help in becoming a stronger clinician. 

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