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Every other year scientists, practitioners, scholars and students in the field of psychology gather in Atlanta to inform and inspire multicultural theory, research and practice. The 2015 edition of the National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) revolved around the question “relative to science, service, training and policy, what has the multicultural psychology movement not yet accomplished?” The idea of multiculturalism in the psychology community was the basis of the first NMCS summit back in 1999 and that ideology is just as important to the event today.

The objectives of the summit were as follows:

  1. To create a welcoming forum for the exchange of ideas regarding multiculturalism and disparities reduction between psychologists, trainees and related health professionals.
  2. To prepare psychologists, trainees, educators and related health professionals to address the needs of diverse people worldwide through multicultural education, health, well-being, policy and advocacy.
  3. To support the dissemination of knowledge by experts in multicultural psychology to professionals, trainees and organizations invested in multicultural concerns.
  4. To demonstrate the applicability of multicultural psychology to the daily functioning of individuals, groups, organizations and educational institutions.
  5. To build linkages and collaborations among psychologists, trainees, related health professionals, clients, consumers and communities to support economic and social justice.

Alliant and the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) were proud to sponsor this year's event to celebrate the rich and progressive field of psychology. From learning about research on the dangers of overt racism to experiencing first-hand the effect of unintentional bigotry, NMCS has served to remind us that psychologists must always be mindful of the impact of discriminatory environments and that we ourselves are not exempt from discriminatory views.

The Alliant representatives and their presentations were as follows:

Dr Rodney Lowman, CSPP/Alliant International University San Diego;  Dr. Bernardo M. Ferdman, CSPP/Alliant International University San Diego;  Dr. Patricia Denise Lopez, CSPP/Alliant International University Los Angeles

"Internationalizing Multiculturalism: The Next Frontier"

Dr. Christina Magalhaes, CSPP/Alliant International University Los Angeles

"Sexual Orientation and Gender Diverse Students in Schools: Efforts and Issues"

Dr. Bernardo M. Ferdman, CSPP/Alliant International University San Diego

"Issues and Strategic Practices for Promoting Diversity in Organizations"

Dr. Eduardo Morales, CSPP/Alliant International University San Francisco

"Untold Histories of LGBT People of Color and Their Contributions"

Dr. Valory Mitchell, CSPP/Alliant International University San Francisco

"Sweeping Change in the Experience of Trans-masculine People: Can Psychology Keep Up?"

Dr. Valory Mitchell, CSPP/Alliant University San Francisco

"Which Lesbians? Which researchers? Arab-American Lesbians and African-American Lesbian Mothers: Insiders and Outsiders on Both Sides of the Research Process"

Dr. Rumiko Okada, CSPP/Alliant University Los Angeles; Dr. Cristina Magalhaes, CSPP/Alliant University Los Angeles

"Mental Health Professionals as “Healers”: Curanderismo Practices Among Mexican-Americans"

John-Richard Pagan, Alliant International University

"Male Masculinity and Same Sex Attraction: Developing Gender Identity and Self Compassion Amidst Micro-aggression"

Lucy Vo, Alliant University Alumna

"The Impact of Sociocultural Factors on Parental Stress Among Southeast Asian Parents of Children with Autism"

Dr. Michael Loewy, CSPP/Alliant International University San Francisco; Kellie Hall, Alliant International University

"Health at Every Size Applied: People Who Live by the Paradigm"

Dr. Martha Morgan, CSPP/Alliant International University San Diego; Nikoo Sadatrafiei, Alliant International University

"Exploring the Lived Experience of Military Mother’s Resiliency on Family Behavior During the Father’s Deployment"

Kudos to CSPP Faculty Member Dr. Michi Fu for her diligent work on the conference planning committee as the awards & entertainment coordinator. Dr. Fu exemplifies the university's commitment to leadership, community service, professional practice and multicultural competence.


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