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Danielle Kaplan

We are pleased to announce that Danielle Kaplan, Ph.D., has joined the California School of Education as the Program Director for Teacher Education in San Francisco. Dr. Kaplan brings a wealth of academic accomplishment to Alliant, in addition to expertise in managing educational programs.

Dr. Kaplan earned a B.F.A. at New York University and an M.A. in Environmental Studies at Yale University before attending Columbia University. At Columbia she earned an Ed.M. in Educational Technology, and an M.Phil. in Measurement, before completing her Ph.D. in Cognition, Development.

A pioneer in the use of educational technology, Dr. Kaplan developed one of the first three on-line courses at Columbia University, founded the first On-line Education Conference and served as the Director of the Columbia Cognition, Technology and Learning Lab. She teaches courses in online and face to face environments, including “Instructional Design of Educational Technology,” “Television and the Development of Youth,” “Games and Robots in Education,” “Geographical Information Systems and Education,” “Squeak and Simulation Design in Education,” “Educational Technology Research,” and “Cognition and Learning.”

Her research interests include the use of computer, television, and mobile devices in the subject areas of math, science, social studies, statistics, mapping, writing and dance for all age groups.

In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Kaplan has developed technology for learning, cognition research, and educator and student training for companies such as Children’s Television Workshop, MTV, Lifetime, Intel, and the National Park Service.

Dr. Kaplan will be working with the Teacher Education department in designing a new program to combine the BA in Child Development and California Teaching Credentials. She can be reached at or in the San Francisco office SF 211, 415-955-2193. Please extend a warm welcome to Danielle Kaplan.

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