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Academy of Management awarded Alliant International University School of Management & Leadership as the Sigma Iota Epsilon "2011 Chapter of the Year" during its

annual meeting in August in San Antonio, Texas. Sigma Iota Epsilon is the national honorary and professional management fraternity with 73 chapters nationwide.

The award was based on the outstanding programming organized by the chapter - which included hosting events around sustainability and the organic garden, financial planning, NAFTA and social media. The chapter was lead by President Nikki Preston and officers Sun (Seon-Hong) Joo and

Joseph Higgins.

"We are very honored that the Academy of Management has recognized the outstanding

leadership and programming of the national management fraternity chapter here at Alliant's

School of Management & Leadership. I think this is another example that when people find out what we do here

at the Alliant Management School, they are very impressed. I am very impressed with our

student officers, Nikki, Joseph and Sun- I could not have had a better team to work with. "said Dr.

Louise Kelly, Professor of Strategy and the Faculty Advisor for Sigma.

Out-going SIE president Nikki Preston encourages students to join the Management Fraternity and

take advantage of the professional development opportunity that it offers. "Sigma Iota Epsilon

offers student leaders an opportunity to practice the skills and abilities they are learning in the

classroom. The actual "hands on" experience helps students develop professional work habits and

self confidence in such activities as communications, oral presentations, strategic planning,

scheduling, and the management of events, and projects."

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