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James Turner

Alliant Faculty Member

James Turner, PhD, former professor at Alliant's California School of Forensic Studies. Dr. Turner has managed thousands of threat cases over the course of his thirty-year career. He has experience in counter-terrorism investigations, operational psychology, and political violence issues. Dr. Turner is a U.S. Army veteran and has served as a consultant to a variety of organizations such as the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the Nuclear Threat Program, the Department of Homeland Security, the Secret Service, Comptroller of the Currency, Microsoft, Seagate Technologies, Morgan Stanley, and Microsoft.

Author posts

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Alliant International University

The Inherent Vulnerability of a Terrorist

Today its Islamic extremists, in the past it has been national separatists, ecological radicals, and even rancher militias in the...

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Alliant International University

The Global Community of Terror

By James Turner, PhD Hate, genocide, totalitarianism…three chilling notions all expressed by one sign— the Nazi salute. The...