Clinical Psychology (PsyD) | Fresno Curriculum Plan

Courses are 3 units unless indicated otherwise.

*PSY6501, PSY6505 and PSY6506 also require weekly participation in a 1-hour lab (scheduled separately).

First year students participate in a reciprocal learning experience with a third year student, who has been assigned by the Supervision Seminar instructors. The first year student meets with the faculty instructors of the Supervision Seminar class during the fall semester to accomplish the match of first and third year students. During the second semester, the matched supervisor-supervisee meet weekly to examine clinical material as an adjunct to the supervision provided by the first year student’s field placement agency.

** Intervention Courses (students must take four of the following):

Online Course Limits: Several courses are offered online. Students may complete up to ten units of electives that meet program requirements in an online/distributed learning format. No other courses may be taken online.

Course Expectations: The Western Association of Schools and Colleges expects students to engage in at least three hours of work outside of the classroom for every hour they spend in the classroom. This means a faculty member has a right to expect students to engage in at least 12 hours of work per week for each 3 unit course. Students and faculty should also note that an outside assignment is required for all 1 unit courses in order to ensure compliance with WASC standards.

For more information on the prerequisites and courses for this program, please refer to the academic catalog.

Gainful Employment

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