Professional Training through Supervised Clinical Experience

Students in the Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling program begin to acquire “real world” experience even in their first year in the program, with unique observation experiences with clients in clinical settings. As they progress in the program, students build on this initial exposure and develop their portfolio of clinical skills – gaining professional confidence along the way.

Students receive a total of 700 hours of clinical experience counseling individuals, families and groups. Of these, a minimum of 280 hours are direct supervised clinical experience.

Through their fieldwork, interns have opportunities to engage in clinical training experiences that serve a broad range of client populations.

Students gain experience with individual, family, group, and couple therapy, as well as psychodiagnostic and neuropsychological assessment services.

Students gain experience with adults, children, families and couples. They learn to counsel individuals who are struggling with ADHD, anxiety and depression, social skills, difficult behavior, anger management, grief and loss, relationship problems, sexual concerns, divorce, infidelity, intimacy and emotional closeness along with many other conditions.